Fresno DUI Attorney: It Doesn’t Take Much To Reach .08

Life is not fair and neither is the fact the everyone handles alcohol differently. The same amount of alcohol could barely faze one individual while leaving another passed out on the floor. Differences in gender, age, weight, and simple genetics can make a large difference in how different people respond to the intake of alcoholic beverages.

This can wreak havoc on people’s ability to determine whether they have had too much to drink in a social situation, leaving them vulnerable to being arrested for driving under the influence (DUI).

Avoiding .08

Obviously the best way to avoid .08 is to not drink at all, and the best way to avoid a drunk driving arrest is to hand off your keys once you’ve had a drop of booze. It’s simple but not always realistic. In fact, there is nothing wrong with having a drink and driving; the key is to know your own limit.

In general, the human liver can process one drink per hour. Anything more than one drink per hour will increase your risk of being intoxicated. A “drink” is defined as one 12 oz. beer (not a high alcohol by volume craft beer; think American lagers here), a 5 oz. glass of wine, or a 2 oz. pour of liquor.

Helpful tips for staying away from .08 include alternating your alcoholic beverages with glasses of water, avoiding shots (they can add up in a hurry), and making sure you eat a solid meal before a night out with friends.

We hope you never find yourself on the wrong end of a DUI stop but, if you do, you can contact us for the advice and strong representation you need to protect your rights.


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